Fred's favorite Fried Fish to go.
Includes fries, bread, and tarter sauce.
Regular Fish Order
3-pc. Fish, Fries, 1sm. Tarter Sauce, 1 sm. Catsup,
2 Slices Bread                               

Family Special
9-pc. Fish, Fries, 1 lg. Tarter Sauce, 3 Slices Lemon,
6 Slices Bread                               

Super Family Order
12-pc. Fish, Fries, 6 Slices Bread, 1 lg. Tarter Sauce,    3 Slices Lemon                              

Delux Family Special
15-pc. Fish, Fries, 1 lg Tarter Sauce, 6 Slices Bread,
3 Slices Lemon                              

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